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Can I go to an Apple store for tech support?

Get hands-on hardware support . Whether you make a Genius Bar reservation, visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or mail your device to us, you’ll get the expert help you need.

How do I contact Apple Tech Support?

Contact Apple Support U.S. technical support : (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273) See all worldwide support telephone numbers. Contact a mobile carrier. Make a reservation at an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar. Beats support : (800) 442–4000 (U.S.) or see all worldwide support telephone numbers.

Does Apple have 24 hour tech support?

Apple’s online support provides the most comprehensive support information available from Apple . Apple online support inlcudes software updates and utilities, technical support and product information and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I call Apple support in Australia?

Get support via phone or chat, Contact Apple Support on 1300‑321‑456.

Is Apple tech support free?

How much complimentary support do I get? Most Apple software and hardware products include unlimited complimentary support incidents within the first 90 days of product ownership, or longer if required by applicable law. Apple Watch Edition comes with 2 years of complimentary support .

Can I walk in to Apple store for repair?

Depending on your location, you can try it, but they’re usually booked pretty solid at the Genius Bar, so you may have to wait for some time – better idea is to walk in with an appointment.

How long does Apple technical support last?

90 days

How do I report a problem with Apple?

Go to reportaproblem. apple .com. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you see the ” Report ” or ” Report a Problem ” button next to the item that you want to request a refund for, click it. Follow the instructions on the page to choose the reason why you want a refund and submit your request.

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What is telephone technical support?

Telephone Technical support is the first point of contact for any instrument and product queries. If your business distributes or manufactures diagnostic products and require a technical support line for offering customer support Aspect Scientific can provide this on your behalf.

What is the Apple Support phone number?


Can I call Apple to unlock my Apple ID?

Open a browser and go to iforgot. apple .com. Enter your ‌Apple ID‌ email in the box. Follow the onscreen prompts and answer the questions to verify that you are the owner of the account . If you’re having trouble, call Apple support on 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273) or chat to an Apple specialist online.

What phone number is 800 275 2273?

If customers have any questions about their account security Apple advises them to call their tech support number 800 – 275 – 2273 .

How much does Apple tech support cost?

Rather than having to call in, users will be sent a link that’s live for 24 hours in order to complete the payment. As for pricing , Apple will charge a fee of $19 for a single incident of basic tech support and troubleshooting. There will, however, be an option for users to request an exception on the fee .

Does Apple have a chat support?

Apple support chat is available 24×7. Apple’s support team can answer any questions that you have about Apple products, hardware (iPhone, iPad, etc), software (iOS, macOS, FaceTime, Pages, etc) and services (iCloud, Apple Music, iMessage, etc.).

How do I claim my Apple warranty?

To obtain warranty service, contact Apple using the information described at www. apple .com/support/country. Proof of purchase may be required to verify eligibility. For product originally purchased in the U.S.A, Apple is Apple Inc. 1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014.

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