Average water bill sydney 2016

What is the average water bill in Sydney?

Average Water Bills in Sydney/NSW Across New South Wales, we found the average quarterly water bill to be $246. While these figures are the average, almost a third of bill-payers in NSW (32%) believe their water charges are too high, while 53% make an effort to reduce water usage to cut back on costs.

How much is an average water bill Australia?

Australia Living Costs Summary

Gas Bill $50-$100
Electricity Bill $100
Water Bill $30
Food Shop $300 (per person)

What is the average water bill per month in UK?

Water will cost you, according to Water UK , on average , £415 a year, or £34.58 a month in 2019/20. Obviously, the amount you pay will vary depending on where you live. For example, if you’re up in the North West of England , you’ll pay £18 more on average , while you’ll save £14 in parts of the west country.

How much is the average water bill in Wales?

Average household water and sewerage bills in England and Wales will be cut by around £17 (4%) in 2020/21. The average annual bill will come down from £413.33 to £396.60 , although there will be variations from company to company.

How much water does a 2 person household use?

Estimates vary, but, on average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, for indoor home uses . Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths?

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What is average water usage for family of 4?

The typical family of four uses approximately 12,000 gallons, or 16 CCF, of water per month.

How much is the average gas bill in Australia?

Average gas bills across the states

State/Territory Average Quarterly Gas Bill
New South Wales $226
South Australia $237
Victoria $299
Australian Capital Territory $303

How much should bills be a month?

Fixed costs should take up 50% of your income. Variable costs that can change from month to month , such as entertainment, groceries, and clothing. Variable costs should take up 30% of your income. Savings, which should take up 20% of your income.

How much does a Litre of water cost in Australia?

According to the Australian Museum the cost of tap water is 1 cent per litre compared to bottled water which costs $2.53 . It might not sound like a lot, but if you consider that around 600 million litres of bottled water is consumed by offices and residences across Australia per year it all adds up.

How much water does a 20 minute shower use?

Water used in a 20 minute shower depends on the shower head. If you are using a low flow showerhead, less water will be used, but the pressure will be less. If you use a rain type shower head, more water will be used. On an average, 5L of water is used per minute of shower .

Why is my Thames water bill so high?

If you’ve had visitors or someone else has moved in, the amount of water you’ve used may have increased. Building, renovation or decorating could mean you’ve used more water than normal.

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Why is my Anglian water bill so high?

If your meter reading is higher than expected, it may be due to changes at home. Perhaps there are more people in your property or a new addition, you’ve had visitors staying or your lifestyle is different, for example, you’re retired.

Does England pay for Welsh Water?

How much water goes to England ? Welsh Water has a licence to take 133 billion litres per year from Elan Valley reservoirs in Powys to supply Severn Trent customers as part of a deal between the two firms. Severn Trent said it paid “for the upkeep of all the assets in Wales and also reimburse the abstraction fees”.

How much is water a month?

How much does the average water bill cost? The average American water bill is $70.39 per month. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day.

Why is Welsh Water so expensive?

It means the not-for-profit Welsh Water still remains one of the most expensive companies in Britain for combined water and sewerage but it says it is because of the extensive coastline it deals with and having to invest more in its assets per customer than other regions.

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