Battle between hmas sydney and german auxiliary cruiser kormoran

Why did the HMAS Sydney sink?

The HMAS Sydney was lost in November 1941 in a battle with the German cruiser Kormoran, which also sank . WA Museum chief executive Alec Coles said high resolution images taken by Curtin University on board a subsea vessel indicated a shell hole through the bridge at the compass platform on the HMAS Sydney .

Why were there no survivors from HMAS Sydney?

This was because of three main factors: firstly, HMAS Sydney was sunk with no survivors . All 645 Australian seamen were lost. 303 inch machine guns, and eight 21-inch torpedo tubes, was patrolling Australian waters due to the increased threat from German raiders that had been seen in the area.

When was HMAS Sydney sunk?

Who found HMAS Sydney?

A renewed effort to find the Sydney and Kormoran, supported by modern technology, came to fruition on 16 March 2008, whena small group of Australian volunteers, the Finding Sydney Foundation, discovered the Sydney shortly after locating the Kormoran wreck, around 100 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia .

Where was HMAS Sydney sunk?

Steep Point – western most point of mainland Australia, Carrarang, Australia

What does HMAS Sydney stand for?

the Australian city of Sydney

What does HMAS stand for?

Her or His Majesty’s Australian Ship

How did Australia respond to ww1?

When Australia joined the war in August 1914, the reaction was one of excitement, especially among young men. Australian men answered the call to war with a sense of adventure, duty and enthusiasm. Separated by 20,000 kilometres, Australians at home were encouraged to support the troops in any way they could.

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How many HMAS are there in Sydney?

Five ships

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