Best time for whale watching sydney

What is the best time of day to go whale watching?

10 answers. While it might seem trite, anytime is the best time to watch whales! If you are looking for the best scenic light for photography choose an sunrise, early morning or sunset whalewatch. The best overhead light is from 11 am – 3 pm , for beautiful blue waters.

Where can I see whales in Sydney?

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Sydney Cape Solander, Kurnell. Barrenjoey Headland, Palm Beach. Fairfax Lookout, North Head, Manly. Gap Bluff, South Head, Watsons Bay. Bondi Beach. Near Bundeena, Royal National Park.

What is the best month for whale watching in California?

In Northern California, your best time to spot gray whales and orcas is December to May. For humpbacks, visit May through November , and for blue whales, the largest animal on Earth, plan your stay sometime between July and October.

Are there whales in Sydney?

More than 45 species of whales , dolphins and porpoises can be found in waters surrounding Australia. In NSW , it’s common to see humpback whales , southern right whales and dolphins, but you may also spot orcas, blue whales , minke whales and sperm whales .

Are whales more active in the morning or afternoon?

People always want to know if whale watching is better in the morning or the afternoon . To be completely honest there is really no ‘better time. ‘ As a general rule, the ocean is calmer in the mornings . However this is not always true!

Are whales active at night?

Think about nocturnal animals and bats and owls probably come to mind. Most animals, humans included, are diurnal and on the go during the day. Killer whales , however, follow a diel cycle—they’re active both day and night .

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How expensive is whale watching?


Age Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Adults (Ages 13 – 59) $34.00 $38.00
Juniors (Ages 3 – 12) $28.00 $32.00
Seniors (60+) $28.00 $32.00
Toddlers (Ages 0 – 2) Free Free

Where can I see dolphins in Sydney?

Two of the best places to see them are Jervis Bay on the South Coast and Port Stephens just north of Newcastle which has a resident population of 90 to 120 dolphins . Strandings South East and Tablelands. North Coast. Central Coast. Metropolitan Sydney . Illawarra. Hunter. Dolphin . Marine park.

Is it the season for whale watching?

In Sydney, the whale migration goes between May and November. But the absolute best time to see them is late June and early July – probably the last week of June and the first week of July, around about the winter solstice.

Where is the best place to whale watch?

Top Whale – Watching Destinations Santa Barbara, California. Monterey Bay, California. Kodiak Island, Alaska. San Juan Islands, Washington. Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Virginia Beach. Long Island, New York. Cape May, New Jersey.

Where are whales migrating right now?

September – October | Southward Migration : Gray whales begin to leave their Arctic feeding grounds in September, migrating south along the coastline to breed and calve in Baja California, Mexico. Gray whales travel at approximately 5 miles per hour and average about 75 miles a day.

Can you see orcas in California?

Seeing whales in Southern California is usually tied to the annual migrations of the grays between Mexico and Alaska. However, it’s not out of the question to see orcas along the coast too. “ They ‘re not as common; we do get killer whale sightings but not as regular as Monterey Bay,” Schulman-Janiger said.

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Where are the whales now NSW?

The estimated 35,000 whales that travelled along our coastline are now almost back home in Antarctica. We can’t wait to see them when they return in May 2020. Until then, make sure you follow us at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Where can I see whales in NSW?

North Coast Further south, Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve and Coffs Coast Regional Park are fantastic whale watching vantage points. In Port Stephens, Fisherman’s Bay and Boat Harbour in the Tomaree National Park are the best places for whale watching, and sightings are very common.

What months do whales migrate?

Humpback whale breeding grounds can be found in Hawaii, Central America, Mexico or Asia. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 humpback whales travel from Alaska to visit the Hawaiian Islands every winter, starting in November and lasting through about May.

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