Botanical gardens sydney opening hours

What time does botanical garden open?

9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Is Royal Botanic Garden free?

Entry to the gardens is free . The gardens are open every day of the year with a few exceptions for special events where tickets may be required. Royal Botanic Gardens & The Domain Quick Facts: Location: Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

How do I get to Royal Botanic Garden Sydney?

The Sydney Explorer Bus also includes the Domain on its route. Enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to Circular Quay and enter the Royal Botanic Garden at either the Opera House Gate or the Queen Elizabeth II Gate, also near the Opera House – it’s an easy ten minute walk from the ferry to the Domain and Garden .

Can you drink alcohol in the Botanical Gardens Sydney?

Alcohol . Alcohol may be brought into the Garden providing all State laws are adhered to and alcohol is consumed responsibly. Please take empty bottles and cans with you when leaving the site and ensure that no broken glass is left behind. Please report any broken glass to the Visitor Centre.

How long does it take to walk around Botanical Gardens?

around 3 to 4 hours

What should I wear to the Botanical Garden?

Visiting Botanical Gardens Your attire should be comfortable and appropriate for the season – many botanical gardens are open year-round. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes for walking or hiking. Expect that your shoes will get dusty or dirty. Bring a sun hat or visor to protect your face from the sun.

How much is the Royal Botanical Gardens?

Cost: adults $10, children $5.

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Do you pay to get into Kew Gardens?

How much does it cost to enter Kew Gardens ? Tickets are cheaper if bought online rather than at one of the entrance gates. Tickets for children aged 4-16 years are just £2.50, while entry is free to children under 4 years. Add £1 to each ticket if buying at the gate.

How big is the Royal Botanical Gardens?

72 acres

How do I get to the Botanical Gardens?

They are: Orchard Road MRT Station. North-South Line [Red]Transfer to bus services and alight at Napier Road required. Botanic Gardens MRT Station. Circle Line [Yellow] & Downtown Line [Blue]Bukit Timah Entrance.

How do I get to the New York Botanical Gardens?

Directions By Metro-North Railroad. Just 20 minutes from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan! Take the Metro-North Harlem local line to Botanical Garden Station, located directly across the street from the Garden’s Mosholu Entrance. By Subway. Take the B, D, or 4 train to Bedford Park Blvd. Station.

Can you walk and drink alcohol?

Open containers in public. The majority of U.S. states and localities prohibit possessing and/or consuming an open container of alcohol in public places, such as on the street, while 24 states do not have statutes regarding public consumption of alcohol .

Can you drink alcohol at a picnic?

But there are also laws about alcohol consumption, especially if you ‘re interested in public consumption. Drinking in public places–including sidewalks, parks, stadiums, and beaches–is considered illegal in most jurisdictions in the U.S. Penalties range from hundreds of dollars in fines to jail time.

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Can you drink alcohol on the beach in NSW?

Drinking in public is legal in NSW , unless it is an alcohol free zone, refer to maps and local council information. NT has certain restrictions, you will need to apply for a permit to drink on any of their five main beaches , including The Esplanade and Mindil.

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