Brighton le sands beach sydney

Is Brighton le Sands a nice place to live?

Brighton – Le – Sands gets top marks for its beach – especially if you’re not too keen on waves. It also has strong telecommunications coverage. Culture, proximity to employment hubs, shops, cafes and restaurants, public transport and education are all rated average by Sydney standards.

Can you swim at Brighton le Sands?

Safe and suitable for swimming , bay beach so no waves, shark enclosure. There’s also a lovely boardwalk along the beach so it’s not too bad.

What is there to do in Brighton le Sands Sydney?

Things to Do in Brighton le Sands Brighton Le Sands Beach. 65 reviews. Spas & Wellness. Bliss Day Spa & Thai Massage. 1 review. Boat Tours & Water Sports. Jet Ski Hire Sydney . 1 review. Spas & Wellness. Bayside Fitness & Spa. 1 review. Oscar 2. Spas & Wellness. Absolute Essential. Spas & Wellness. Aus Health Land Thai Massage. Spas & Wellness. Yin Dee Thai Massage.

How long is Brighton le Sands Beach?

10 km

Is Riverwood a good suburb?

Summary: A largely working class, fairly central Sydney suburb offering a mixed bag of good value prices, wide and varied public green spaces, iffy traffic and a solid array of amenities, Riverwood has a “little bit for everyone” that comes with a decent location along with the occasional surface-level blemish.

Is Rockdale a safe suburb?

It’s generally safe as a whole without any truly “dodgy” streets, but has some issues crime-wise with both drug offenses and and car theft which put it above the Sydney average. In terms of price, Rockdale is quite good (for Sydney) given its location.

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Is Brighton le Sands beach clean?

Brighton Le Sands Baths Pollution is unlikely. Enjoy your swim! Patrol information: This beach is not patrolled. Water quality is suitable for swimming for most of the time, but due to the presence of several potential sources of faecal contamination, swimming should be avoided following rainfall.

Are dogs allowed at Brighton le Sands?

The beach park is not fenced-in, so make sure dogs are under voice command before allowing them to wander off without their leash. Dog owners are reminded to clean up any mess that their pups leave behind to preserve the cleanliness of the water.

Can you take dogs to Brighton Beach?

Dogs on beaches at Brighton : Dogs are permitted off-lead at all times between Bay Street and Sandown Street. Dogs are permitted off-lead and on-lead at various times of the year at other beaches – see the map below.

How do you get to Brighton le Sands?

The best way to get from New South Wales Government Railways and Tramways Roll of Honour to Brighton – Le – Sands is to train which takes 18 min and costs $2 – $4. Alternatively, you can line 422 bus, which costs $5 – $8 and takes 48 min.

What is the postcode for Brighton le Sands?


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