British bulldog puppies for sale sydney

How much is a British bulldog in Australia?

A British Bulldog puppy will cost around $1500. Expensive veterinary fees may also be expected over time. Burke’s Backyard recommends that potential owners have a good look at the parents before purchasing a pup and are satisfied that this is the breed for them.

What is the rarest color for English bulldogs?

Rare Colors Ok, so the rarest color now is the Merle, the most unique and strange coat color. The fur has hundreds of markings usually colored in dark brown or black . The color that dominates is usually cream, white or fawn all mixed with other darker colors. Other rare colors include Black , Chocolate , Blue and Lilac .

How much are Bulldogs in Australia?

Breed Information
Weight Male: 60- 78 pounds (28-35 kg) Female: 50- 61 pounds (23-28 kg)
Colors Apricot Brindle Fawn Orange Red Mahogany
Litter Size 5-8 puppies
Puppy Price Average $2500 – $3000 USD

How much should you pay for an English bulldog?

English bulldog puppies from small-scale breeders are likely to cost between $1,500 and $4,000 . But the price of owning one is much more, due to their poor health and vet costs. If you see an English bulldog puppy priced below $1,500 , beware. This is an expensive dog to breed for a variety of reasons.

Are British Bulldogs dangerous?

Today, English Bulldog temperament is said to be mild-mannered, and they rarely show aggression or territorial behaviors deemed dangerous to people or children. Veterinarians say that this breed is less aggressive than many others.

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Do British Bulldogs shed hair?

Bulldogs do shed . But they don’t shed as much as other breeds and when they do shed their hair is less noticeable on the ground, on furniture, and other areas. Of course, if your bully has any kind of white coating, the hair is more likely to show. All-in-all, bulldogs can be considered “average” shedders.

How many puppies do British Bulldogs have?

4 puppies

What is the most expensive bulldog?

#1 – English Bulldog But this breed comes with a price tag which can reach up to $3,000 for purchasing a puppy alone. English Bulldogs are vulnerable to many health problems, making more trips to the veterinarian and more medical bills a regular thing for you.

How do you get a Merle puppy?

Why you shouldn’t breed two merle dogs together Don’t do it. The merle pattern is produced when a dog has a single copy of the M< allele. All merle dogs have the genotype Mm — meaning they have one allele for merle and one allele for non- merle .

Are Australian Bulldogs aggressive?

Aussie Bulldogs are a not an aggressive breed at all. In fact they are a very loyal and loving breed to both humans and other dogs. They are not aggressive by nature and alike their cousins the English Bulldog are obsessed with their owner.

Do Bulldogs bark a lot?

Bulldogs seldom bark , but that doesn’t mean they aren’t noisy. Their bark is low and gruff, deep when compared to other small and medium dogs. English bulldogs usually only bark when startled by unknown strangers or other disturbances. Bulldogs are well-mannered and calm.

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Are Australian Bulldogs dangerous?

Temperament/Behavior Bulldogs were originally bred to fight bulls and other large animals, so they are much less reserved than other breeds – this is also true for the Australian Bulldog . This breed is rarely aggressive toward people but they do make good watchdogs.

Are English bulldogs high maintenance?

Yes. The English bulldog can be a high maintenance dog when it comes to their health. They have a unique respiratory system that requires their owner to pay close attention to how much exercise and how hot their environment is. They are also high maintenance with regards to the upkeep and care of their physical body.

Are Bulldogs high maintenance?

Bulldogs aren’t the healthiest of breeds. Health issues affecting them contribute to high maintenance levels, in terms of veterinary care and accompanying bills. They’re prone to allergies, skin diseases, bladder stones, eye problems and respiratory issues.

What’s the most expensive dog?

The Tibetan Mastiff officially became the world’s most expensive dog when a Chinese businessman bought an 11-month-old red mastiff named “Big Splash” for $1.6 million during a luxury pet fair.

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