Cavoodle pups for sale sydney

How much is a Cavoodle puppy in Australia?

A Cavoodle costs anywhere from $2500 to $5000 AUD, depending on the breeder. That’s a lot of money for a smaller sized dog breed, and many dog owners hesitate to invest in a mixed breed. However, Cavoodles are well worth the investment because of their many positive traits.

Should I buy a Cavoodle?

Cavoodles absolutely adore their humans. They’re very good with both adults and children. Not only are they gentle but they are also very affectionate dogs that like to be doted on. They like to follow their humans around and miss them when they’re away.

Can Cavoodles be left alone during the day?

Absolutely! Cavoodles are more than capable of staying home alone . Separation anxiety doesn’t affect every dog, and even if your Cavoodle has it, it’s not the end of the world. Training and positive reinforcement will allow you to safely leave the house without your Cavoodle .

How much should I feed my puppy Cavoodle?

Cavoodle puppies eat more often than adults Cavoodle puppies should be eating 3 – 4 times a day, and sometimes as often as 5. This is due largely because of their smaller stomachs. However, they do not eat as much per meal; smaller portions ensure that the puppies don’t eat too much too fast, and risk getting sick.

What problems do Cavoodles have?

Cavoodle health issues This can cause anything from mild discomfort to great pain, and any signs – such as tenderness of the neck or head, requires vet attention. Mitral valve disease. Eye disease include cataracts and/or progressive retinal atrophy. Hip dysplasia or luxating patellas.

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Are male or female Cavoodles better?

They tend to be more stable emotionally, and less prone to mood swings. Some of the larger breeds there is often a physical difference between the males and females . The males tend to be a little larger, with broader heads and deeper chests, and heavier coats.

Why does my Cavoodle smell?

One of the reasons your cavapoo may smell is potential skin issues. This may include over-production of skin oils due to a wrong diet. It may also be a yeast infection or candida, especially if the dog’s odour has sweet undertones in it.

Are Cavoodles barkers?

The temperament of cavoodles is generally active, intelligent, and interactive with people and easily trained. They can be relaxed and attentive but are not generally barkers , diggers, aggressive or destructive.

Do toy Cavoodles bark a lot?

Generally, your Cavoodle won’t bark any more than another dog. They aren’t howlers, unlike Beagles and other hunting dogs, which is great for you and your neighbors. While they aren’t guard dogs, they’ll probably bark at unknown noises out on the street.

Should I ignore puppy crying at night?

The key is to ignore the puppy when they cry , as if you come to them they will see their crying as acceptable behavior to get your attention. It might be a good idea to feed puppy treats in the area that you want them to sleep, this re enforces the area as being related to positive things.

Are Cavoodle puppies easy to train?

The Cavoodle is very easy to train with enough patience, and can even take on jobs like being a service dog. Cavoodles are incredibly loyal, and live to please their owners. That eagerness, coupled with their intelligence as a breed makes for a very smart puppy .

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Are Cavoodles clingy?

One important behaviour to note about Cavoodles is that they could be quite clingy . Once they bond with a human companion, they will want constant attention. This means that they are definitely not for people who prefer more independent dogs. They’re also meant to live indoors with their humans.

Can a Cavoodle be an outside dog?

Cavoodles are great for small homes with little or no backyard, however these dogs will still benefit from a regular walk or fun in an open space. Cavoodles are far more healthy and active than either of its parent breeds.

How many years do Cavoodles live?

14 years

Do Cavoodle Puppies sleep a lot?

Cavoodle puppies are very social dogs and will want to be part of their new family as fast as possible. Your Cavoodle Puppy will need to sleep a lot so allow them to spend time in their designated bed for as much rest as possible. Being a puppy is exhausting and they can sleep as much as 16 hours a day!

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