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What is Digital River charge on my credit card?

Digital River is an ecommerce transaction processing service, similar to PayPal. They may have charged you because someone else has your credit card info and email address and/or other personal info. You may want to start by contacting your credit card issuer in order to get the charge removed.

Is Digital River a legitimate company?

Digital river is an ecommerce payment company . They partner with companies like Samsung, Microsoft, razr, McAfee, avast, etc. If you buy from those websites, your charge may show up as from digital river . They also handle subscriptions.

What is Digital River on my bank statement?

Digital River is a legitimate e-commerce vendor. They help businesses setup their online stores.

How do I contact the digital river in Ireland?

Digital River Ireland Ltd SECTOR. Communications. INDUSTRY. Media. SUB-INDUSTRY. Internet Media & Services. FOUNDED. 02/08/2005. ADDRESS . 153, Shannon Free Zone West County Clare Shannon Ireland . PHONE. 353-61-230-000. WEBSITE. www. digitalriver .com. NO. OF EMPLOYEES. —

What companies use Digital River?

Who uses Digital River?

Company Website Country
Tillys Inc United States
VMware Inc United States
SAS United States
Webroot Inc. United States

How do I cancel Digital River?

How to cancel subscription renewal for products processed through Digital River . Sign in to your account at and go to Billing and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts. Click the product you want to cancel to display the subscription details.

What do digital river do?

Digital River is a private company that provides global e-commerce, payments and marketing services. In 2013, Digital River processed more than $30 billion in online transactions. Digital River is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

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Does AVG use Digital River?

AVG is partnered with the established eCommerce provider Digital River , which manages the online sale and distribution of AVG products and services. If you purchase an AVG product from the AVG Store or via the user interface of an AVG product on your PC or Mac, the order transaction may be fulfilled by Digital River .

Does Logitech use Digital River?

Digital River has launched 17 European online stores for Logitech in addition to the North American e-commerce store that it has managed since 1999.

What Digital Rivers sell?

Digital River MyCommerce Videos It’s an agile, self-service platform to sell software, games, digital products and services online. It’s a complete solution for online checkout, payment processing, fraud protection, subscriptions, compliance and tax management.

Does Avast use Digital River?

Re: avast and digital river Yes.

Is Digital River Kaspersky?

Since 2000, Kaspersky has relied on Digital River to manage their global ecommerce operation. When Kaspersky partnered with Digital River to find a solution, they started with short-term fixes to limit fraudulent activity and product loss, and restore chargeback and risk levels to historical norms.

Who is Digital River Us Inc?

Digital River , Inc . provides electronic commerce services. The Company offers marketing, order management, business infrastructure, and payment services.

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