Distance from sydney to forster

How long does it take to drive from Sydney to Forster?

3 hours, 33 minutes

How do you get from Sydney to Forster?

The best way to get from Sydney to Forster is to bus which takes 4h 46m and costs $40 – $85. Alternatively, you can train, which costs $45 – $90 and takes 7h 2m.

How far away is Forster from Sydney?

223 km

Is Forster NSW a good place to invest?

Forster is not an area to make a quick buck overnight, however, it does have some attractive assets (eg numerous beaches) which I feel makes its a great investment , just over a longer period of time. For the home buyer the low prices represents good value for money, a great lifestyle and a solid long term investment .

What is there to do between Coffs Harbour and Sydney?

7 stops on a road trip from Sydney to Coffs Harbour Surf at Boomerang Beach, Pacific Palms. Visit the historic Crowdy Head Lighthouse. Complete the Newcastle Memorial Walk. Glenrock State Conservation Area. See the world from Perpendicular Point, Laurieton. Visit Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park.

Where do you stop on the way to Port Macquarie?

Road Tripping to Port Macquarie , Australia Where is Port Macquarie ? Beantree Cafe. Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries. Wauchope. Beaches. Sea Acres National Park Rainforest Walk. Koala Hospital (from my friend Theresa) Tacking Point Lighthouse (from my previous visit)

How far is Port Macquarie from Sydney?

314 km

How far is Port Stephens from Sydney?

148 km

How far is Forster from Newcastle?

108 km

How far is Foster NSW from Sydney?

about 308 km

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How far is Forster from Coffs Harbour?

217 km

How do you pronounce Forster NSW?

Forster , pronounced ‘Foster’, is famous for its oysters.

What is the population of Forster NSW?

13,740 people

Is Wauchope a good place to live?

Wauchope is a safe, beautiful and affordable place to live . The town has a growing local economy and the proximity to Port Macquarie and beaches makes it the ideal choice for people wishing for a little more space and a relaxed pace of living without completely giving up access to the perks of city living .

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