Driving distance from sydney to melbourne

Is it worth driving from Sydney to Melbourne?

One of the best drives you can do in Australia has got to be the Melbourne to Sydney road trip. There is the practical benefit – that you get between the country’s two largest cities without having to worry about the logistics of a flight.

Where do you stop when driving from Sydney to Melbourne?

Highlights on the Inland drive between Sydney and Melbourne Suggested stops – Bowral, Goulburn, Canberra, Gundagai, Wagga Wagga, Beechworth, Glenrowan.

How long is the coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne?

640 miles

Can you drive from Sydney to Melbourne a day?

The air route between Melbourne and Sydney is Australia’s busiest, and the world’s fourth-most hectic. Luckily, the drive has never been easier or safer, especially on one route : The Hume Freeway can be tackled in one day , without stopping at a single traffic light.

Is it cheaper to drive or fly to Melbourne from Sydney?

You’re half way there already. It’s a pretty long (8-9 hours) and boring freeway drive , but if there’s more than one of you it’s normally cheaper to drive . Sydney to Melbourne is an easy drive .

What’s halfway between Melbourne and Sydney?

Tarcutta 425kms

What is there to see between Melbourne and Sydney?

Driving between Sydney and Melbourne : The best stops on a Hume Highway road trip Clementine restaurant in Yass. HMAS Otway submarine. Photo: Paul Jeffers. Albury’s Atura hotel. Photo: Mark Lane. Youngsters play in the Murray River, Noreuil Park, Albury. The Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) is helping put Albury on the map.

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How much does it cost to drive to Melbourne from Sydney?

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne and back will take you just over 18 hours in total (9 hours each way), and you can expect an average car to use around $340.50 worth of petrol in total – that’s around $85.00 each for four.

Can I fly from Sydney to Melbourne?

Four main airlines offer flights from Sydney to Melbourne : Tigerair, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas.

Can you do the Great Ocean Road in one day?

Travel tips for the Great Ocean Road Drive The Great Ocean Road can be done in a day , by using our suggested tour itinerary you can see as much as possible.

Is the road from Sydney to Melbourne Open?

The Hume Freeway is open to Southbound Traffic only from Sydney to Melbourne . A northbound section of the Hume Freeway remains closed while safety inspections and clearing works take place and northbound interstate diversions remain in place at Seymour.

Has Melbourne got a beach?

Relax in the summer sun on calm bay beaches across Melbourne , from the popular swimming spots and shoreside diners at St Kilda to the colourful landmark bathing huts at Brighton. Most beaches are patrolled by surf life savers during the warmer months and school and public holidays.

How far from Melbourne are the 12 apostles?

275 kilometres

How long drive from Melbourne to Albury?

3 hours

How long does it take to drive from Melbourne to Beechworth?

3 hour

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