Driving from sydney to uluru

Can you drive from Sydney to Uluru?

The most direct route between Sydney and Uluru is a well-sealed road that’s reasonably easy to drive ; you don’t need a four-wheel drive for this. Both routes converge at Port Augusta, north of Adelaide, and head north through the outback of South Australia to Uluru .

Is it safe to drive to Uluru?

You can travel to Ayers Rock entirely on sealed roads if you choose, so you don’t even need a 4WD. There is so much to see and do along the way to Uluru . There’s the adventure of driving the legendary Stuart Highway if you’re coming up from Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide.

Is it safe to drive from Alice Springs to Uluru?

Driving from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock via the Stuart and Lasseter Highways is safe , however there’s are few outback driving safety tips we’d like to share with you. Ayers Rock is not just a ‘short drive’ from Alice Springs . It will take you half a day – it’s 5 hours drive .

How long does it take to drive from Sydney to Ayers Rock?

30 hours

Is it worth going to Uluru?

Uluru is worth the trip, It is different from the Zion in Utah. The Mojave is more ‘interesting’ than the surrounds around Uluru . The Uluru is almost right in the middle of a large continent and you get a strange spiritual spirit when you get there. It may be magnetism or just being on an old ancient land.

How many days do you need in Uluru?

three days

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Can you drive from Melbourne to Uluru?

Driving directly from Melbourne to Uluru takes about 25 hours, but it’s highly recommended to break the journey up at many places along the way. Despite the distance , many people do like to drive from Melbourne to Uluru as it’s a great way to explore Australia’s vast landscape.

How do I get from Alice Springs to Uluru?

You can get to Alice via the Greyhound bus (not cheap), the Ghan train (not cheap) flying or driving and then stay there too. Most people visit Uluru from Alice Springs via an organised tour or a day-long self- drive excursion. The other option is to fly or drive to Yulara and stay there instead.

Can you visit Uluru in December?

December , January, February This is Australia’s summertime and is the worst time to travel to the lovely Uluru . The temperatures can be unbearable in the day, reaching low to the mid-30s majority of the time. The highest temperature recorded was a top of 45.5 Celsius degrees, which was only in the shade!

Is it safe to walk around Alice Springs at night?

The answer is probably no. Then don’t do it in Alice Springs , either. Petty crimes and thefts happen everywhere. Please avoid places like Gap Road and Todd Mall after 10pm at night . Don’t walk back to your accommodation at this time of night .

How many kms from Alice Springs to Uluru?


How many days do you need in Alice Springs?

Three days

Can you drive from Sydney to Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is a long, long way from everywhere. Coober Pedy is 600km south; Tennant Creek is 503km north. If you ‘re driving from Sydney , Melbourne or even Adelaide, it’s going to take you at least 3 full days of driving to get to Alice Springs .

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Can you fly from Alice Springs to Uluru?

You ‘ll find one major airline travelling to Ayers Rock from Alice Springs , and that is Qantas. There are a number of flight tickets available each week, and the trip is a direct one.

Can you visit Ayers Rock?

The Uluru -Kata Tjuta National Park board of management has announced that tourists will be banned from climbing Uluru from 2019. THE Uluru -Kata Tjuta National Park Board has announced tourists will be banned from climbing Uluru , an activity long considered disrespectful by the region’s traditional owners.

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