Flight time from sydney to vanuatu

How many hours flight from Sydney to Vanuatu?

3 hours

How far is it from Sydney to Vanuatu?

2563 km

How do you get from Sydney to Vanuatu?

If you’re planning a welcome reprieve in an island paradise, then Sydney to Vanuatu flights operate most days of the week. Major carriers Qantas and Air Vanuatu offer direct services that take a little over three hours, while Virgin travels via Brisbane. All arrive at the main Vanuatu airport, Bauerfield, in Port Vila.

How many hours does it take to fly from Sydney to Japan?

Non-stop flight time from Sydney to Tokyo is around 9 hours to 11 hours . Fastest one-stop flight between Sydney and Tokyo takes close to 12 hours . However, some airlines could take as long as 39 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

What is the best time of year to go to Vanuatu?

Best Time to Visit Vanuatu for Good Weather: May to September. Best Time for Sightseeing: June to September. Best Time for Honeymoons: May, June and September. Best Time for Diving & Snorkeling: May to October.

Is it safe in Vanuatu?

Crime in Vanuatu is low. But it does increase in the lead-up to holidays such as Christmas and Independence Day (30 July). The risk is also higher at night or in isolated locations.

Is Vanuatu expensive?

While Vanuatu isn’t considered expensive it’s also not considered as ‘cheap’. One benefit of Vanuatu is the great range of self-catering accommodation and the number of markets and supermarkets (in the main street of Port Vila) which can save you money on dining out.

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How long is the flight to Vanuatu from Brisbane?

2 hours, 53 minutes

How far is Vanuatu from New Zealand?

2814 km

What airlines fly to Vanuatu?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Vanuatu? Air Vanuatu, Qantas , Fiji Airways , Virgin Australia , Aircalin , Nauru Airlines, Solomon Airlines and Singapore Airlines all fly direct to Vanuatu.

How do you get around Vanuatu?

Getting Around Vanuatu Bus. Getting around Vanuatu by bus is quick, convenient and an experience in itself. Taxi. A faster option than buses are the taxis that you will see operating around the towns of Vanuatu . Boat. Small, outboard-powered dinghies make some interisland trips.

Where do you fly into for Vanuatu?

International flights into Vanuatu arrive at the Baurfield International Airport on the island of Efate, approximately 10 minutes from Port Vila. Taxis and shuttle transfers available from the airport to nearby resorts around the island.

How far is Japan from Hawaii?

Distance from Hawaii to Japan is 6,625 kilometers . The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hawaii and Japan is 6,625 km = 4,117 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles ) from Hawaii to Japan, It takes 7.35 hours to arrive.

How far is Sydney from Tokyo?

4,864.62 mi

How long is a flight from Japan to Australia?

9 hours, 11 minutes

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