Flights sydney to darwin jetstar

Is Jetstar flying to Darwin?

With both the domestic and international Jetstar flights operating through one terminal, flight transfers through Darwin couldn’t be easier.

Can I fly from Sydney to Darwin?

Airlines that fly direct from Sydney to Darwin are Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas.

Is Jetstar still flying to Sydney?

We are currently operating three flights per week between Auckland and Sydney .

How much are flights from Sydney to Darwin?

Travellers can expect 1 flight from Sydney Kingsford Smith to Darwin on average per day.

Airline Qantas Airways
Cheapest $254
Average $447
Flexibility No change fee
Search Qantas Airways flights

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Is Jetstar a safe airline?

Unlike some low cost carriers, these airlines have all passed the stringent International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit and have excellent safety records. Jetstar Australia has been named one of the world’s safest low-cost airlines.

Is Jetstar owned by Qantas?

Jetstar Airways in Australia and New Zealand, wholly owned by the Qantas Group. Jetstar Asia Airways, based in Singapore and managed by Newstar Holdings, majority- owned by Singapore company Westbrook Investments (51 per cent), with the Qantas Group holding the remaining 49 per cent.

Is there a train from Sydney to Darwin?

Great Southern Rail – The Ghan operates train services from Sydney to Darwin .

How far is Sydney from Darwin?

3148 km

How long drive Sydney to Darwin?

44 hours, 10 minutes

Why have Jetstar flights been Cancelled?

In total 48 flights have been cancelled , with a full list on Jetstar’s website. The airline says it has taken the drastic step of cancelling the flights because of planned industrial action by the Transport Workers Union, which represents ground staff such as baggage handlers.

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Will Jetstar refund Cancelled flights?

Refunds for delays , cancellations and overbooking Customers are entitled to a refund in the following situations: If we make a significant change to your scheduled flight time for a reason within our control. A significant change means a change of three hours or more to your scheduled departure time.

How can I check if my flight is Cancelled?

The easiest way to check if your flight has been cancelled is through the airline you booked with by entering your booking reference in their website. Most airlines will email if your flight has been cancelled .

How far is Darwin from Sydney by plane?

approximately 3160 kilometers

Can you fly from Canberra to Darwin?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Canberra to Darwin .

Can you fly from Newcastle to Darwin?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Newcastle Williamtown to Darwin .

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