How far is nowra from sydney

Is there a train from Sydney to Nowra?

Train or bus from Sydney to Nowra ? The best way to get from Sydney to Nowra is to train which takes 3h 42m and costs $30 – $80. 6 дней назад

How long does it take to drive from Sydney to Nowra?

Nowra is a 2h 30min drive south of Sydney along the spectacular Grand Pacific Drive .

How far is Nowra from the beach?

The distance between Nowra and Hyams Beach is 27 km. The road distance is 31.2 km.

How do you get to Shoalhaven from Sydney?

The best way to get from Sydney to Shoalhaven Heads is to bus which takes 4h 17m and costs $26 – $40. Alternatively, you can train via Bomaderry Station, which costs $30 – $55 and takes 4h 34m.

Does Nowra have a train station?

Bomaderry railway station is a heritage-listed single-platform intercity train station located in Bomaderry, New South Wales, Australia, on the South Coast railway line. Bomaderry railway station .

Opened 2 June 1893
Previous names Nowra Bomaderry ( Nowra )
2013 330 (daily) (Sydney Trains , NSW TrainLink)

How long does it take from Sydney to Wollongong by train?

approximately 1h 44m

How do I get from Canberra to Nowra?

You can take a bus from Canberra to Nowra via Leighton Gardens, Argyle St in around 4h 35m. Transport for NSW manages public transport for Australia’s New South Wales region, including metro, train, bus, ferry, light rail and coach. Hubs include Sydney, Byron Bay, Newcastle and Wollongong. 6 дней назад

Is Nowra safe?

Crime rates in Nowra NSW, Australia

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Level of crime 82.69 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 88.46 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen 79.17 High
Worries being mugged or robbed 71.15 High
Worries car stolen 76.92 High

Can you swim in Jervis Bay?

Go swimming at a white sand beach The white sand beaches of Jervis Bay make it a popular summer destination, and Hyams Beach is one of the star attractions. It’s a safe, family beach that gets little swell.

How far is Nowra from Jervis Bay?

19 km

How far is Jervis Bay from Sydney?

140 km

How far is Kiama from Sydney?

The distance between Sydney and Kiama is 95 km. The road distance is 120.3 km.

How do I get from Sydney to Mollymook?

The best way to get from Sydney to Mollymook without a car is to bus which takes 5h 20m and costs $30 – $45. 6 дней назад

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