How to get to jervis bay from sydney

How long does it take to get from Sydney to Jervis Bay?

about a three-hour drive

How do I get to Hyams Beach from Sydney?

The best way to get from Sydney to Hyams Beach is to train which takes 4h 8m and costs $110 – $170. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $28 – $40 and takes 5h 50m.

Can you fly to Jervis Bay?

There are no public airports in Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven so if you wish to arrive by air, your best to fly into either the Sydney or Canberra airports and connect to Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven by road, shuttle or rail.

How far is Jervis Bay from Wollongong?

73 km

Is it safe to drive to Jervis Bay?

It’s official – it is safe to visit Jervis Bay and the surrounding towns and villages in the Shoalhaven.

How far is Sydney from Jervis Bay?

200 km

Is it safe to travel to Hyams Beach?

Hyams Beach is not so crowded as other beaches . Same crowd on all days. Unfortunately there weren’t any lifeguards. However beach itself is safe and nice place to relax.

Can you swim at Hyams Beach?

Famed for its dazzling stretch of fine white sand, Hyams Beach is a small village in the beautiful Shoalhaven region of the NSW South Coast. Found on the southern shores of the splendid Jervis Bay Marine Park, the calm turquoise waters are perfect for swimming , snorkelling, fishing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Does Hyams Beach have the whitest sand in the world?

In 2005, the National Committee on Soil and Terrain decided it was time to figure out the location of the whitest sand across the country. Eventually, it was decided that Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay had not only the whitest sand in Australia, but the world , which was backed by Guinness World Records.

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How do I get from Jervis Bay to public transport?

For those seeking a third option, public transportation offers an easy way to get to Jervis Bay . Trains from Sydney can bring you with fair swiftness to Nowra and other South Coast destinations. From Canberra, a bus to Wollongong and then heading south will be your best bet.

How do you get from Jervis Bay to Canberra?

You can take a bus from Canberra to Jervis Bay via Batemans Bay and Bewong in around 5h 22m. Transport for NSW manages public transport for Australia’s New South Wales region, including metro, train, bus, ferry, light rail and coach. Hubs include Sydney, Byron Bay , Newcastle and Wollongong.

What beach has the whitest sand in the world?

Hyams Beach

What is Berry NSW famous for?

The beautiful rural town of Berry is famous for its gardens, trees, arts and crafts, antiques and markets. Berry is one of the wonderful contrasts of the NSW south coast. This charming country town is the first in the Shoalhaven that you reach when driving south from Sydney along the Princes Highway.

What is Nowra famous for?

Discover museums, galleries and river cruises in Nowra , the largest coastal town in the Shoalhaven region. On the banks of the beautiful Shoalhaven River, enjoy a delightful centre that’s a stone’s throw from the stunning beaches of the NSW South Coast, and home to top food and wine experiences.

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