How to get to kangaroo island from sydney

How much does it cost to get to Kangaroo Island?

Standard Ferry Fares

Passengers One Way Return
Child $25 $50
Australian Student $40 $80
Australian Concession $40 $80
Infant Free of Charge

How do you get to Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island is easily accessible from Adelaide, South Australia’s capital. By air it’s just a 25-minute flight, by scenic coach and ferry transfers, it is around 2.5 hours. With Kangaroo Island Odysseys, transportation can easily be added to your touring package.

How far is Kangaroo Island from mainland Australia?

Kangaroo Island , 13 kilometres (8 miles) off the coast of South Australia and 30 minutes by plane from Adelaide, is brimming with native animals, artisanal food, epic rock formations and even the world’s best hotels, perched on the edge of the sea.

How many days do you need on Kangaroo Island?

three days

Do I need a car on Kangaroo Island?

You can take your own car to Kangaroo Island by ferry or hire a car when you get there. Exploring Kangaroo Island by car is a wonderful way to travel the 1,600 Kilometers of roads which take you through the major townships.

How long does the ferry take to Kangaroo Island?

45 minutes

Is it worth going to Kangaroo Island?

Although its name sounds like an amusement park, Kangaroo Island is anything but. One-third of the island belongs to Flinders Chase National Park, well worth visiting . You’ve read the list of attractions: The Remarkables, the seals, the sea lions, the penguins, the koalas, the caves, and so on.

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Can I take my car to Kangaroo Island?

You can take your own car to Kangaroo Island by ferry or hire a car when you get there.

Are there kangaroos on Kangaroo Island?

Even though a third of Kangaroo Island is national park, you don’t have to be in one to see its famous wildlife. Across the island , kangaroos , Tammar wallabies, Rosenberg’s goannas, koalas, echidnas, Australian fur seals and long-nosed fur seals roam free.

Are cruise ships still going to Kangaroo Island?

The Sun Princess was the last cruise ship to visit Kangaroo Island on March 16. Meanwhile there is still no formal restrictions on tourism and non-essential travel onto Kangaroo Island .

How long will it take for Kangaroo Island to recover?

10 years

Can you go to Kangaroo Island for a day?

If you stay for 4 – 5 days, you will be able to visit all the best places and some lesser-known attractions, as well as take the time to see some wildlife. TIP: Even if you only have just one day , you can visit Kangaroo Island and see the main highlights.

Can you drive around Kangaroo Island in one day?

Emu Bay for beaches, breweries and brunch Emu Bay is one of Kangaroo Island’s most famous beaches and the only one you can drive on (if you ‘re in a 4WD).

Can you do a day trip to Kangaroo Island?

There is so much to see on Kangaroo Island but one day tours are perfect if you are limited by time to explore. If you ‘d like to stay a little longer and see more, take a look at our two day tours . Discover the highlights of South Australia’s premier nature-based destination.

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