Ing direct head office sydney

How do I contact ING Direct?

Product enquiries Savings Maximiser. 1800 502 192. Orange Everyday. 1800 104 530. Personal Term Deposits. 1800 024 141. Living Super. 133 464 . Self Managed Super Fund. 1800 651 252. Business Term Deposit. 1800 651 252. Home Loans. (New Lending Enquiries) 1800 100 258. Home Loans. (Existing Customer Enquiries) 133 464 .

Who owns ING Direct Australia?


Where is ING Bank based?


Does ING Direct still exist?

The name itself will soon disappear: ING Group will allow a one-year transitional use of “ ING DIRECT ” from February 17, 2012. So, yes, our name will gradually change over time (and it’s going to take some getting used to for all of us).

Who is ING owned by?

ING Group

What bank is ING Direct?

ING Direct’s owner, ING Group , sold it to Scotiabank in August 2012 and gave the bank 18 months to continue using its name and the ING lion logo before finding a new title.

Is ing a safe bank?

ING are one of the larger global financial institutions if size has anything to do with it, they’d be considered very safe .

Is ING owned by ANZ?

ANZ Banking Group has bought the half of a wealth management joint venture with ING Group it doesn’t already own for $1.86 billion dollars. The Melbourne-based bank says ING Australia and ING NZ Holdings will become wholly owned subsidiaries of ANZ .

Is ING Protected by Australian government?

Regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), like all banks. Combined savings balances of up to $250,000 per customer are guaranteed by the Australian Government .

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What is ING Direct called now?

ING Bank introduced branchless banking in the Netherlands and called it ING Direct . In 2000, ING exported its concept of free online banking, high-yield checking, and savings accounts to the United States. 1 In 2012, Capital One bought ING Direct , and its portfolio of offerings was rebranded as Capital One 360.

How do I deposit cash ING Australia?

You will need to supply the depositing party with our BSB (923-100) and the account number you want to have credited with these funds . If you have an Orange Everyday account, you can deposit cash and cheques (in a single name only) at Australia Post using your Visa Debit card.

Is ing a big bank?

ING added 1.1 million retail customers last year and has 38.4 million overall. Citibank’s top scores were for financial advice and customer service. Citi is the most global of the big U.S. banks , but it has undergone a multi-year transformation to streamline its worldwide footprint.

How do I withdraw money from ING?

How do I withdraw funds from my ING Save Account? You can transfer the amount you want to withdraw to your ING Pay Account. Using your ING Pay Debit Card, you can then withdraw at any local BancNet ATM or Visa ATM worldwide.

What is ING short for?

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Is ing an online bank?

Making your everyday banking easier, 24/7. A quick, convenient and secure way to manage your money – whatever device you use.

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