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Are pharmacists justice of peace?

Your community pharmacist may be able to help you with the signing of statutory documents and certification of copies of important documents. Pharmacists generally are authorised to certify that documents are true copies of originals. Your pharmacist may also be authorised to witness your signature on documents.

Do police stations have JPs?

Many organisations make JPs available at scheduled times and locations. This may include your local council, court, library, chemist, post office or police station . We maintain a listing of scheduled JP services by suburb. Please check the list below to find an available JP .

Where can I find a JP in Sydney?

Go to www. jp .nsw.gov.au and select JP Public Register from the Quick links on the homepage. Alternatively, you can also find a link to the register in the Finding a JP section. The JP Public Register will open in a new window. Read and accept the Terms of Use, then select I accept.

How do I get a JP signature?

Find a Justice of the Peace ( JP ) a local Council or Shire. a police station or a court house. the office of your local Member of Parliament. your local shopping centre. some libraries. some chemists. some financial institutions.

Who qualifies as a JP?

To be eligible for appointment as a NSW Justice of the Peace ( JP ), you must: be at least 18 years of age. be nominated by a NSW Member of Parliament (MP) be an Australian citizen or a person who is entitled to vote at a general election for the Legislative Assembly.

Can a doctor be a JP?

A medical practitioner. A Justice of the Peace (with a registration number in the State in which they are registered).

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Can a lawyer sign as a JP?

The law in NSW does not authorise a NSW JP to witness either a General Power of Attorney (GPOA) or an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA). As a NSW JP , you must not witness a GPOA or EPOA relating to any other state or territory, even if a JP for that state or territory would be authorised to do so.

Are JPs still working?

Justices of the Peace are still serving the NSW community, however services are changing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can still find a JP using the online JP Public Register or the scheduled services list on the Justice of the Peace websiteopens in new window.

Do JP get paid?

Are JPs paid ? No. Appointment as a JP is entirely honorary. The legislated Guidelines on the role of a JP in the ACT state that a Justice of the Peace must not charge or accept any payment , reward or any form of compensation or gift for acting in the capacity of Justice of the Peace.

Can a JP charge a fee NSW?

This avoids the need of a person to submit original documentation such as a birth certificate or academic qualifications. A JP is trusted to be honest and impartial when performing their functions. They cannot: charge you a fee or accept a gift for providing JP services.

What should a JP do if they move interstate permanently?

If you move interstate or overseas permanently , you should resign your appointment as a JP in NSW . This is because you are not authorised to act as a NSW JP while you are in another state, territory or country.

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Can a JP witness an overseas statutory declaration?

Can NSW JPs witness documents for use overseas ? NSW JPs are not authorised under NSW law to witness the execution of documents for use overseas , including “proof of life” forms for the purposes of claiming overseas pensions. NSW JPs can certify copies of original documents from overseas .

What must a JP do before witnessing an affidavit?

Before witnessing any statutory declaration, you must be satisfied that the declarant understands the purpose, effect and contents of the statutory declaration. If the declarant does not speak English, you should use an interpreter to communicate with the declarant during the step- by-step procedure in this section.

What legal action can be taken against a JP?

A person who suffers loss or damage because a JP did not take reasonable care may have cause to take legal action against the JP . An example of such a case is outlined in Section 4.3.

What is a justice of the peace Australia?

Australia . A justice of the peace in Australia is typically someone of good stature in the community who is authorised to witness and sign statutory declarations and affidavits and to certify copies of original documents. Criteria for appointment vary widely, depending on the state.

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