List of private schools in sydney

How many private schools are there in Sydney?

There are 586 Catholic schools and 354 Independent schools in Sydney and across New South Wales (NSW). The majority of private schools are in Sydney. There are 9 Independent boys schools and 32 Catholic boys schools across Sydney and New South Wales.

How much are private schools in Sydney?

Private Schools Sydney Secondary school Fees

The King’s School NORTH PARRAMATTA $36,900
Sydney Grammar School DARLINGHURST $36,615
St Catherine’s School WAVERLEY $35,080
Trinity Grammar School SUMMER HILL $34,770

How many private schools are there in NSW?

1000 private schools

How much does private school cost in Australia?

Private school tuition fees vary considerably across Australia ; however you may expect to pay anywhere between $18,000 and $41,000 for a Year 12 day student attending an established, well regarded metropolitan private school in 2020 – with boarding fees in addition.

What is the most expensive private school in Australia?

The Scots College The Scots College is considered as the most expensive school in Australia as well. This school is located in Bellevue Hill, the east of Sydney.

Are private schools worth the money?

“There’s no real benefit from attending a private school compared to a public school once you take into account that private schools skim the best kids and screen the worst kids out.”

What is the richest school in Australia?

Wesley College

What is the most expensive private school?

Most Expensive Schools

School name (state) 2020-2021 Tuition and fees
Columbia University (NY) $64,380
Kenyon College (OH) $61,100
Franklin & Marshall College (PA) $61,062
Vassar College (NY) $60,930
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What is the biggest school in Sydney?

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Which is the best school in Sydney?


School 2019 Ranking 2019 Success Rate
James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford) 1 72.79%
Conservatorium High School (Sydney) 2 69.12%
North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest) 3 62.70%
Sydney Grammar School (Darlinghurst) 4 61.29%

Are most private schools religious?

Similar to the overall pattern for all private elementary and secondary students, White students constituted the largest share of enrollment across all five categories of private schools : Catholic (66 percent), conservative Christian (70 percent), affiliated religious (76 percent), unaffiliated religious (74 percent),

Is Catholic school considered private?

Unlike public schools , private schools do not rely on government funding. Private schools include nonsectarian schools and religious schools covering many denominations (the term parochial usually denotes Catholic schools but can also refer to schools of other religious faiths and denominations).

How do people afford private school?

Many families look at different ways they can cut expenses.” The most common funding source is financial aid provided by the school . Aid packages will vary depending on a school’s endowment, tuition costs and its aid philosophy. About a quarter of all private school students receive financial aid.

Are private schools worth it in Australia?

Students at private schools in Australia are more advantaged, on average, than their peers at government schools: they have better-educated parents with higher incomes, so it’s no surprise they achieve at higher levels. We examine student learning growth over time, rather than just achievement at a point in time.

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Do you pay for school in Australia?

All public education in Australia is free, but there is confusion because each school can charge a “Voluntary Contributions” and these seem to range from $60 per annum to as much as $1,000.

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