Mardi gras sydney 2016 parade

Where is Mardi Gras Parade Sydney?

Сидней 2019 г., 2018 г., 2017 г., Дарлингхерст 2018 г. Оксфорд-стрит 2018 г.

When did Mardi Gras start in Sydney?

24 June 1978

Why is Sydney Mardi Gras called Mardi Gras?

The term ‘ Mardi Gras ‘ derives from the celebration on ‘ Mardi ‘ (French for Tuesday) when ‘ Gras ‘ (French for Fat) is eaten prior to the Christian abstinence period of Lent proceeding Easter.

What channel is the Sydney Mardi Gras on?


What is the purpose of Mardi Gra?

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday as it’s also known, is the Christian feasting period before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. But in the Big Easy the day of indulgence takes on a whole new meaning as galas, parades, and parties take over the city– it’s even a Louisiana state holiday.

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