Sydney harbour national park north head

What is North Head?

North Head is a headland south-east of the suburb of Manly. It is part of Sydney Harbour National Park. The headland is a promontory of sandstone and is 3.85 square kilometres (1.49 sq mi) in area.

Is North head a national park?

North Head | NSW National Parks .

How do I get to North Head?

Get driving directions The site is five minutes drive from Manly and 30 minutes drive from the city. By ferry: Catch a ferry from Circular Quay wharf to Manly wharf. From there, take the 135 bus to North Head Q Station.

How do you get to Sydney Harbour National Park?

The best way to get from New South Wales Government Railways and Tramways Roll of Honour to Sydney Harbour National Park without a car is to train and ferry which takes 1h 4m and costs $11 – $18.

How long is the Manly to North Head Walk?


How tall is North Head?


How long is the Spit Bridge to Manly walk?

10 km

How long is Bondi to Manly walk?

Sure, the 80km Bondi to Manly walk can be completed in about 15 hours if you run, but for mere walking mortals, it can take anywhere from two-eight days. A popular – and realistic – itinerary is to take four or five days, covering approximately 20km ( 12.5 miles )… about seven hours of walking each day.

How do I get to Bluefish Point?

If you’re driving up to North Head, Manly, be sure to take the left entry point to North Head, following the signs saying ‘ Blue Fish Point ‘, and following Blue Fish Drive on your GPS. Keep following it around until you get to a dead end with fences all around; this will be the Water Treatment Plant.

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How long is Camp Cove Beach?

240 m

How long is the Hermitage Foreshore Walk?


Where is Camp Cove Sydney?

Camp Cove is a bay on the southern side of Port Jackson (Sydney harbour), lying within the village and suburb of Watsons Bay and adjacent to Inner South Head. Protected and with clean water, Camp Cove was very important to Aboriginal life in the area.

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