Sydney olympic park aquatic centre prices

How much does it cost for the aquatic center?

Pool entry Fees

Adult $8.30
Pensioner/Senior (ID card required) $6.30
Family Pass (2 Adults, 3 Children or 1 Adult, 4 Children) $29.50
Additional family member $6
Spectator/Non Swimmer $4.50

What time does Sydney Olympic Park close?

Opening Hours

Summer Operating Hours
Winter Operating Hours (April – September)
Weekdays 5am – 8pm
Weekends 6am – 7pm
Public Holiday 6am – 7pm

Can you swim at the Olympic Park?

The iconic London Aquatics Centre is like swimming in no other pool in the world. After hosting the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games, the world-class venue is open for you to use. You can either become a member or pay for one -off swim sessions.

How deep is the pool at the London Aquatic Center?

The 50-m pool is 3 metres deep , like the one in the Beijing National Aquatics Center , in order to be fast. Its floor can be moved to reduce its depth . There are also moveable booms that allow its size to be changed. The diving pool has platform boards at heights of 3 m, 5 m, 7.5 m, and 10 m and three 3m springboards.

Is Sydney Olympic pool heated?

With amazing views of Sydney Harbour, the North Sydney Olympic Pool facilities include a 50-metre heated pool , gymnasium, sauna, spa, indoor 25-metre pool and cafe.

Where was the Olympic village in Sydney?


Can you swim in the Olympic pool London?

This Olympic -sized, 50-metre pool has ten lanes and is up to three metres deep, making it ideal for confident and experienced swimmers . In day to day operation, the competition pool offers lane swimming for competent swimmers only – you should be able to swim 100m in a recognised stroke to use this pool .

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How long is an Olympic swimming pool?

50 metres

Where can you swim in London?

The best wild swimming spots near London Divers Cove Reservoir, Godstone. Looking for a wild spot for some open-water swimming ? Frensham Great Pond, Frensham. River Cam, Cambridge. Wey Navigation, Shalford. River Thames, Marlow. Walpole Bay Tidal Pool, Margate. River Thames, Pangbourne Meadow. River Isis, Port Meadow, Oxford.

How many lanes are in an Olympic swimming pool?

10 Lane

Do Olympic swimming pools have a shallow end?

The FINA (head of international swimming ) regulates depths at 3 meters. The 3-meter depth is the standard because it’s deep enough to help dissipate waves and currents created by swimmers , but also shallow enough to allow easy sight-reference to the bottom black line.

How do you get to London Aquatics Centre?

However, the best access point to get to the London Aquatics Centre is via the F10 Bridge adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Centre . If you are arriving on the bus you can use buses 338 or 97 which stop on Warton Road or Montfitchet Road and are just a short walk to the venue.

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