Sydney to adelaide train fare

How much is a train ticket from Sydney to Adelaide?

Indian Pacific fares
One-way fares in AUD, per person: Gold Service twin sleeper:
Sydney – Adelaide Adult $929
Child under 16 $688
Adelaide – Perth Adult $1879

Is there a train from Sydney to Adelaide?

Great Southern Railway (GSR) run the Indian Pacific train once each week from Sydney to Adelaide . This train departs Sydney Central station mid afternoon on Wednesdays and travels for 24 hours before arriving mid afternoon the following day at Adelaide Keswick rail terminal.

How much is the train fare from Sydney to Newcastle?

Transport NSW operates a train from Central Station to Newcastle Interchange every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $24 – $45 and the journey takes 2h 55m.

Can you catch a train from Adelaide to Sydney?

Is there a direct train between Adelaide and Sydney ? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Adelaide Parklands and arriving at Central Station station. Services depart twice a week, and operate Sunday. The journey takes approximately 28h 30m.

Where should I stop between Sydney and Adelaide?

The best way to travel from Sydney to Adelaide is via Albury and Bendigo. You can also choose the fastest route, which is the Sydney to Hay NSW drive, stopping at Wagga Wagga and then Hay to Adelaide , but, in general, it is less scenic. Another possibility is to drive Sydney to Adelaide via Broken Hill.

How many hours drive from Sydney to Adelaide?

14 – 15 hrs

Is Adelaide a boring city?

Coming from a really big city , Adelaide is actually not as boring as people say it is. If you think Adelaide is 10 years behind the curve, you haven’t really seen much because in terms of cultural and city development, you’re actually far better off than most cities . It’s small, but far from boring .

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Is Adelaide hotter than Sydney?

Adelaide is on roughly the same latitude as Sydney but its climate is very different. Adelaide’s winters are cooler and wetter than Sydney’s , but its summers are normally hotter and drier.

How much is the train from Melbourne to Adelaide?

Train , bus or fly from Melbourne to Adelaide ? The best way to get from Melbourne to Adelaide is to fly which takes 3h 5m and costs $80 – $330. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $55 – $110 and takes 10h 15m, you could also train , which costs $75 – $150 and takes 10h 25m.

Is it cheaper to use an opal card?

Off-peak travel is 30% cheaper when using an Opal card . Without an Opal card , you do not get any reduction and pay peak fares all the time.

How much is a train ticket to Sydney?

Metro and train fares

Distance Adult Opal fare Adult Opal off peak fare
Distance20 – 35 km Adult Opal fare$5.15 Adult Opal off peak fare$3.60
Distance35 – 65 km Adult Opal fare$6.89 Adult Opal off peak fare $4.82
Distance65+ km Adult Opal fare$8.86 Adult Opal off peak fare$6.20

How much is train fare to Sydney Airport?

Station access fee

Ticket type Single use Single trip ticket
Ticket typeAdult Single use $14.87 Single trip ticket $14.90
Ticket typeChild/Youth Single use $13.18 Single trip ticket $13.20
Ticket typeConcession and Senior/Pensioner* Single use $13.31 Single trip ticketN/A

What town is halfway between Adelaide and Sydney?

Hay, Australia

What is the most dangerous place in Australia?


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Is it expensive to travel by train?

Train tickets are almost always cheaper than plane tickets, especially if you’re traveling for shorter distances, and you don’t have to pay for your baggage. A train trip longer than 24 hours can be less expensive than car travel since there is no need to pay for hotel rooms.

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