Sydney to europe direct flights

Are there direct flights from Sydney to Europe?

Sydney has a great network of flights to destinations all over the world. The following is an overview of all non-stop intercontinental flights operating from Sydney Airport ( SYD ). Please note that there are no direct services between Sydney and Europe , Central America, the Caribbean or Central Asia.

Where does Sydney fly direct to?

The top international destinations from here are Auckland (AKL) and Singapore (SIN). The two longest flights are Sydney (SYD) to Houston (IAH) that takes around 15 hours and 35 minutes and Sydney (SYD) to Dallas (DFW) with a flight time of 15 hours and 15 minutes.

What is the cheapest country in Europe to fly to from Australia?

5. Re: Cheapest City in Europe to fly to from Sydney, Australia ? Dublin is cheap and so is Rome we have left from Rome a couple of times to save a few hundred dollars even though we catch the same Qantas flight at Heathrow which is dearer.

Are there any flights from Australia to Europe?

Qantas is the only airline that flies direct between Europe and Australia , with the only route available being Perth-London.

Can you fly direct to Sydney?

Qantas, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar and Hawaiian Airlines all fly direct to Sydney .

How long does it take to fly to Europe from Australia?

18 hours, 44 minutes

What is the longest direct flight?

Singapore Airlines

What is the longest flight in the world?

Singapore Airlines

Can you fly nonstop to Australia?

The fastest way to Australia . With our non-stop flights from London Heathrow to Perth, using the Qantas Dreamliner, the 14,498km service is the fastest way to get to Australia+. One year on from the launch of our non-stop flight from London Heathrow to Perth, we look back on some interesting facts from the past year.

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Where is it cheapest to fly to Europe?

The 10 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in Europe Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden, (find deals ) Keflavik International Airport, Iceland, (find deals ) Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy, (find deals ) Copenhagen Airport, Denmark, (find deals ) Dublin Airport, Ireland, (find deals ) Milano Linate Airport, Italy, (find deals ) Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland, (find deals )

What’s the cheapest way to fly to Europe?

Here are seven tried-and-true booking strategies for nabbing the absolute cheapest flight to Europe . Depart Wednesday, return Tuesday. Use flight -prediction tools. Use hubs as launchpads. Book six months out. Travel during the tail end of summer. Follow the lowest fare , but buyer beware. Get two vacations for the price of one.

Which city is cheapest to fly into in Europe?

From John F. Kennedy International Airport, Madrid is the cheapest European destination with fares averaging around $564. Flying to Reykjavík , Iceland, from Buffalo Niagara International Airport will cost you $616 on average.

Do you lose a day flying from Australia to Europe?

Going to Europe you don’t lose a day , you simply fly overnight and arrive in the morning. Flying from Asia to the US you gain a day on the calendar, but will loose it on your way back to China.

What is the cheapest country to fly to from Australia?

Cheap destinations for Australians: The 10 countries you should visit in 2019 if you’re on a budget South Africa. Cape Town Photo: Shutterstock. Italy. Polignano a Mare, Puglia. Georgia. Georgia – cheap and cheerful. Bolivia. La Paz, Bolivia Photo: Alamy. Vietnam. Mekong Delta. India . Pushkar, India . Turkey. Mexico.

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What airlines are flying to Europe?

Airlines That Fly To Europe United Airlines . American Airlines . Alaska Airlines. Delta Airlines. JetBlue Airlines. British Airways . Air France. KLM.

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