Sydney to hervey bay jetstar

Can you fly direct from Sydney to Hervey Bay?

There is one airline that flies direct from Sydney to Hervey Bay .

How do I get from Sydney to Hervey Bay?

Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar fly from Sydney to Hervey Bay 5 times a day. Alternatively, you can take a train from Sydney to Hervey Bay via Brisbane, Brisbane Roma Street, Maryborough West, Maryborough West, Maryborough Bus Terminal, and Service Rd near Alice St in around 21h 20m.

Is Jetstar still flying to Sydney?

We are currently operating three flights per week between Auckland and Sydney .

What airlines fly to Hervey Bay?

Qantas , Air New Zealand, Emirates, Sunstate and Eastern Australia Airlines all fly direct to Hervey Bay.

Does Qantas fly to Hervey Bay?

With baggage, entertainment and food included every time you fly Qantas , there’s no better place to find cheap flights to Hervey Bay .

How far is Hervey Bay from Sunshine Coast?

143 km

How long does it take to get to Hervey Bay from Brisbane?

Hervey Bay has often been called the jewel in Queensland’s crown. It is also referred to as the Whale Watch Capital of the World. A scenic 3 ½ hours drive north of Brisbane and only 45 minutes by air from Brisbane , Hervey Bay is an easily accessible holiday destination.

Is Jetstar owned by Qantas?

Jetstar Airways in Australia and New Zealand, wholly owned by the Qantas Group. Jetstar Asia Airways, based in Singapore and managed by Newstar Holdings, majority- owned by Singapore company Westbrook Investments (51 per cent), with the Qantas Group holding the remaining 49 per cent.

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Will Jetstar refund Cancelled flights?

Refunds for delays , cancellations and overbooking Customers are entitled to a refund in the following situations: If we make a significant change to your scheduled flight time for a reason within our control. A significant change means a change of three hours or more to your scheduled departure time.

Is Jetstar part of Qantas?

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas , created in response to the threat posed by airline Virgin Australia. Jetstar is part of Qantas ‘ two brand strategy of having Qantas Airways for the premium full-service market and Jetstar for the low-cost market.

Can you swim at Hervey Bay?

Swimming / Beaches Hervey Bay sits in the lee of Fraser Island, and hence has a calm and protected 12km long north-facing beach. The stinger-free waters are safe for swimming all year round, with an average water temperature between 21 and 26 degrees – often warmer in than out!!

Are there direct flights from Melbourne to Hervey Bay?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Melbourne to Hervey Bay .

How much does it cost to go to Fraser Island?

Ferry pricing to get on and off the island vary, and prices range from $105 -$350 per vehicle for a return journey from either River Heads or Inskip Point. Camping permits are $6.55 per person per night with discounts for families or students. Camping fees are site-specific and can be booked up for 6 months in advance.

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