Sydney to jervis bay road trip

How many hours drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay?

3 hour drive

How do I get from Sydney to Jervis Bay?

For those seeking a third option, public transportation offers an easy way to get to Jervis Bay . Trains from Sydney can bring you with fair swiftness to Nowra and other South Coast destinations. From Canberra, a bus to Wollongong and then heading south will be your best bet.

Is it safe to drive to Jervis Bay?

It’s official – it is safe to visit Jervis Bay and the surrounding towns and villages in the Shoalhaven.

How far is it from Sydney to Jervis Bay?

200 km

Can you swim in Jervis Bay?

Go swimming at a white sand beach The white sand beaches of Jervis Bay make it a popular summer destination, and Hyams Beach is one of the star attractions. It’s a safe, family beach that gets little swell.

What is the best road trip in Australia?

Take one of these incredible road trips and marvel at all Australia has to offer. Hug the coast on the Grand Pacific Drive. Soak up sand and sun on the Legendary Pacific Coast. Take a lap of Australia’s Red Centre Way. Drive and dive along the Great Barrier Reef. Complete a rite of passage on the Gibb River Road .

Is it safe to travel to Callala Beach?

It is safe for children as the water is shallow for a fair distance. The waves are mild and the white sand is clear for around 200 meters into to the sea.

How far is Jervis Bay from Kiama?

45 km

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What is Kangaroo Valley?

Kangaroo Valley is a river valley along the Kangaroo River in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales, Australia, located west of the seaside in the City of Shoalhaven. It is also the name of the small suburb within it, formerly known as Osborne, with a population of 879 in the 2016 census.

Are there sharks in Jervis Bay?

In Jervis Bay and surrounds, the only known shark attack occurred in 1997 when a spear fisherman was bitten by a wobbegong shark resulting in a minor injury. There are no recorded fatalities from sharks in the Jervis Bay area at all.

What is Jervis Bay Popular for?

Jervis Bay is popular for watching dolphins and whales. The marine park on the South Coast of NSW is a home to bottlenose dolphins, seals, penguins and sea birds. During the annual whale migration, from May to November, whales visit the sanctuary.

Is Jervis Bay pronounced Jervis or Jarvis?

Jervis Bay is not pronounced “ Jarvis ” – back in 1928 the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Sir Littleton Groom), has received a letter from Mr. Jervis Manton, which reads as follows: “There seems to be a growing inclination in Australia to mispronounce the name Jervis Bay .

Which beach has the whitest sand in Australia?

Hyams Beach

How many hours drive from Sydney to Batemans Bay?

4 hours

Why is the sand so white in Jervis Bay?

Quartz—composed of clear or white silicon dioxide crystals, or silica—resists erosion longer than other rock types. So the brilliant sands around Jervis Bay owe their color (or lack of it) to the relentless action of water from old rivers, and rising and falling seas over thousands of years.

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