Sydney to koh samui flight time

Can you fly direct from Sydney to Koh Samui?

While there are currently no direct flights from SYD to USM, many flights include just one stopover. Popular stopover cities for cheap flights from Sydney to Koh Samui include Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Can you fly direct to Koh Samui?

Bangkok Airways, Qatar Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Finnair, Emirates, Thai Airways, EVA Air and Oman Air all fly direct to Koh Samui / Samui Island.

Can you fly direct from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui?

There are 2 airlines who fly direct from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui / Samui Island. As of December, there are 7 flights per week flying from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui / Samui Island.

Where do you fly to get to Koh Samui?

Many flights to Koh Samui go via Bangkok, although others are available via Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Koh Samui’s main airport is Samui International Airport (USM), which is 2km north of the island’s main village, Chaweng.

Is Koh Samui expensive?

The short answer is no, Koh Samui isn’t an expensive place to visit. Koh Samui is just like the rest of the country in that it fits many budgets, however in general it’s slightly more expensive than the mainland.

Is Koh Samui dangerous?

Samui is a very safe destination to visit, but like all places that attracts large crowds, problems can occur if you’re not aware of them beforehand. Most of these potential scams and hazards are fortunately already pretty well-known and may even sound obvious to experienced travellers.

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How do I get from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui?

Train , ferry • 21h 49m Take the train from Chiang Mai to Bang Sue Junction. Take the train from Bang Sue Junction to Surat Thani Train Station. Take the ferry from Lomprayah Tapee River Surat Thani City to Koh Samui Nathon Pier.

How do you get from Bangkok to Koh Samui?

From Bangkok to Koh Samui by Bus and Ferry. Your cheapest option to get to Koh Samui from Bangkok is to catch a bus (instead of a train ) to Surat Thani, then change to a ferry or catamaran at the pier for the rest of the journey.

Can you fly from Chiang Mai to Krabi?

There are nonstop and multi-stop flights that fly from Chiang Mai to Krabi . Thai Airways operates direct flights from Chiang Mai to Krabi . Other airlines that fly out from Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) include Thai AirAsia , Bangkok Airways and Air Asia.

Is Phuket better than Koh Samui?

Both islands have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches so traveler’s choice will depend on their interests and what they want to get out of their holiday. For a social whirlwind or surfing, Phuket is the better choice. But for a relaxed holiday by the ocean or for snorkeling, Samui is the winner.

How many days are enough for Koh Samui?

four days

Which is the best month to visit Koh Samui?

Best Time of Year to Visit Koh Samui The best time to visit Koh Samui is from December to February , which is the dry season. Each season in Koh Samui has something special to offer. High season, also known as dry season, is busy, but the weather is nice, and you won’t see rain.

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