Sydney to port vila flight time

How long does it take to fly from Sydney to Vanuatu?

3 hours, 39 minutes

How do you get from Sydney to Vanuatu?

If you’re planning a welcome reprieve in an island paradise, then Sydney to Vanuatu flights operate most days of the week. Major carriers Qantas and Air Vanuatu offer direct services that take a little over three hours, while Virgin travels via Brisbane. All arrive at the main Vanuatu airport, Bauerfield, in Port Vila.

Can you fly from Sydney to Port Macquarie?

Sydney to Port Macquarie flight information QantasLink operates direct flights to Port Macquarie from Sydney with an approximate flight duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

How long does a flight from Sydney to New Zealand take?

3 hours, 11 minutes

How far is Vanuatu from Australia?

3579 km

How long is the flight from Brisbane to Vanuatu?

2 hours, 53 minutes

Is Vanuatu expensive?

While Vanuatu isn’t considered expensive it’s also not considered as ‘cheap’. One benefit of Vanuatu is the great range of self-catering accommodation and the number of markets and supermarkets (in the main street of Port Vila) which can save you money on dining out.

What airlines fly to Vanuatu?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Vanuatu? Air Vanuatu, Qantas , Fiji Airways , Virgin Australia , Aircalin , Nauru Airlines, Solomon Airlines and Singapore Airlines all fly direct to Vanuatu.

Are there any flights to Vanuatu?

There are limited international flights to and from Vanuatu . Do not travel to Vanuatu .

Is there a train from Sydney to Port Macquarie?

Getting to Port Macquarie The Grafton, Casino and Brisbane XPT trains run daily from Sydney and stop at Wauchope. The Grafton XPT has a connecting coach to Port Macquarie .

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Which airlines fly to Port Macquarie?

Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Port Macquarie (from hundreds of airlines including Qantas , Emirates, Virgin Australia) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

Is Qantas still flying to Port Macquarie?

Qantaslink has been operating at Port Macquarie Airport since 1989. Qantaslink operates daily direct services from Port Macquarie to Sydney, with connecting flights to a wide range of destinations across Australia and internationally. To contact Qantaslink, go to www. qantas or phone 131 313.

What is the longest flight in the world?

Singapore Airlines

How long are flights from Australia to New Zealand?

5 hours, 32 minutes

Can I fly to NZ from Sydney?

There are many flights that can get you from Sydney to New Zealand in 2h 55m. Fly via Jetstar, Emirates, or Qantas Airways to get the fastest option. Generally, flights for this route are direct.

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