University of sydney law atar

What Atar do you need for law in Australia?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank ( ATAR ) cut-offs released last week show that entrance into an undergraduate legal studies program varies by more than 30 points, depending on university. An undergraduate wanting to enrol in a combined law degree at the University of Sydney this year will need an ATAR of 99.50.

What Atar do you need for medicine at Sydney Uni?

An ATAR of 99.95 or equivalent is required. An online assessment process including a written assessment followed by a panel discussion.

What is the minimum Atar to get into uni?

Indicative ATAR Cutoffs (2021)

University Arts Avg
University of New South Wales 80 87
University of Newcastle 62 63
University of Notre Dame Australia 68 69
University of Queensland 75 80

What Atar do I need to study law?

Entry is very competitive and students generally require an ATAR in the high 90s, a grade point average of 6.0 (distinction) in their university studies and a high LAT score.

What is an A in Atar?

In NSW , you have to study at least eight ATAR “units”, of which six have to be what are called Category A, plus two units of English. Category A units are defined as having “academic rigour” and a “depth of knowledge” required for tertiary studies.

Is it hard to get a 80 Atar?

So both of the stats are correct – to get an ATAR of 80 you need to beat 80 % of the graduating population, which means beating 66.5% of the people who receive an ATAR . As for getting an ATAR of 80 – its not impossible . The ATAR is a number from 0 and 99.95 in intervals of 0.05.

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Is it hard to get a 99 Atar?

Like an OP1, getting a 99 ATAR or even that elusive 99.95 ATAR isn’t impossible . It’s a process that involves a lot of passion for learning and commitment to constant improvement.

Can I go to uni without an Atar?

You DO NOT need an ATAR to start studying. Our Getting In information outlines the main admission pathways. You should also review our other pathways and study options.

What does a C mean for Atar?

Sep 4, 2011. Means combination of ATAR and other criteria you need to meet. e.g – UMAT for medicine.

Is 70 a good ATAR score?

If your high school was anything like mine-a generic public high school with the demographic of students ranging from uninterested drop-outs to academic geniuses-an average ATAR score above 70 was considered a great result.

Is a 95 Atar good?

Excluding the 8 or 9 courses that have an extremely high ATAR requirement, an ATAR of around 95 enables you to do pretty much all the courses that are available at University. This contributes greatly to your freedom of choice when deciding what to study.

Is it hard to get 85 Atar?

If you do high scaling subjects and perform reasonably well in them, you should be able to get an ATAR of 85 + pretty easily.

Do you need maths for Law Australia?

“The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia ,” said Turnbull.

What is the highest Atar?


What is the best university for law in Australia?

The top 10 law schools in Australia are: Monash University (22 worldwide) The University of Queensland (49 worldwide) Griffith University (51-100 worldwide) The University of Adelaide (51-100 worldwide) Macquarie University (101-150 worldwide) Queensland University ( QUT ) (101-150 worldwide)

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