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What is UTS famous for?

UTS is widely known for its innovative learning and teaching approach, which integrates the best of online and face-to-face experiences. Students benefit from an immersive career-focused education, coupled with strong links to industry. They’re prepared for tomorrow, in a way which is relevant today.

What is UTS acceptance rate?


Why is UTS in Sydney?

UTS is a reflection of Sydney’s multicultural diversity. With around 42,600 students from 120 different countries, UTS is an exciting place to be! Located in the heart of the city, we take a global approach to education that has innovation at its core.

How many students are at UTS?

39 074 (2014 г.)

What is the hardest university to get into in Australia?

Students at the University of NSW, Sydney University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia have some of the highest entrance scores in Australia, according to this year’s Good Universities Guide.

What is the number 1 University in Australia?

The best university in Australia, according to the THE rankings, is the University of Melbourne – the only university in the country to make the top 50 of the overall world ranking (30).

Is UTS a good university?

UTS was ranked 10th in Australia at 272 in the QS World University Rankings. It is a fairly young university (founded in its current form in 1981) and has a substantial student population 37,400 strong . UTS fashion and textiles students had a pretty amazing fashion show last year.

How much is UTS tuition?

The 2020-21 tuition fee is $28,173 , which includes course fees, cost of leadership and outdoor education program, and a student activity fee. New students must also pay an enrollment fee of $6000. Additional costs including texts, supplies, class field trips, etc. can range from $300-600 depending upon the grade.

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Is UTS a good school?

UTS is fairly academically rigorous – the course loads are similar to those at Penn so I was well prepared for the amount of work in college in comparison to many of my peers from public schools who felt a significant increase in stress first semester. That being said, the subject matter taught at UTS is very limited.

Does UTS offer early entry?

Does UTS make early offers ? If you’re a current school leaver (finishing Year 12 in the year prior to intake), you’ll be considered on your ATAR plus any adjustment points you may be eligible for. Offers for this group of applicants will be made in the first round after ATAR release which is December Round 2.

How do you get into UTS?

To arrive at UTS City Campus, Haymarket Precinct: Take the exits to Railway Square/George Street and walk through the Devonshire Street Tunnel to the Goods Line. Follow the Goods Line down to Building 8, or turn right on to Thomas St and left on to Quay St to reach Building 5.

What does UTS mean?

Under the Skin

How old is UTS?

32 years (January 26, 1988)

Is UTS government owned?

UTS is part of the Australian Technology Network of universities: a group of prominent universities committed to working with industry and government to deliver practical and professional courses. With a total enrolment of over 44,000 students, UTS is one of the largest universities in Australia.

How many students go to MQ?

40,209 (2015)

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