Village cinemas sydney gold class

What is included in Village Cinemas Gold Class?

Each Gold Class cinema features luxury reclining seats and state of the art cinema technology, including super-wide screens and digital audio, delivering a stunning cinematic experience.

How much does gold class cost at Village Cinemas?

Village Cinemas Ticket Prices

Student/Concession $32.00
Gold Class Movies (evening)
Children (3-14 years) $42.00
Adult $42.00

Is Event Cinemas the same as Village Cinemas?

Whilst Village Cinemas is a separately owned and operated business, many of our Vouchers can be redeemed for sessions at Village Cinemas locations. Please refer to your product terms and conditions to determine eligibility.

Does Gold class have a dress code?

Even though you could dress casual and there was no set dress code , the people there seemed to be more dressed up. The environment at Gold Class makes you feel like your somewhere luxurious, causing its customers to dress more for the occasion.

Does Gold class include food?

The Gold Class theatre is an intimate setting that seats no more than 30-54 people where guests can relax in the comfort of full reclining armchairs. A delicious food & beverage menu provides a fantastic selection to add to your experience and one of our waiters will bring this into to you while you enjoy the movie!

Does Gold class include popcorn?

I enjoy Lux at Hoyts alot more then Event Gold Class – free popcorn and soft drinks as a bonus.

Do gold class seats recline?

THE EXPERIENCE. Relax, unwind and indulge in Gold Class – our first class cinema experience. With exclusive lounge access, in- seat service and fully reclining seats , get the star treatment today.

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What is Ultimate Gold Class package?

This ePackage contains a Double Gold Class admission to the same movie session, 2x Welcome Drinks (house wine, soft drink or bottled water) & 5 items from the ‘Small Plates’ Gold Class Menu. Menu items are subject to change without notice.

Can I use my Gold Class vouchers for normal movies?

Gold Class Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for Original sessions at Event Cinemas, standard sessions at Village Cinemas, Premium Seating concepts, 4DX, Boutique, Movie Marathons, Chicks At The Flicks, group bookings or any sessions classified as festivals, alternate content or special events including but not limited

Can I bring water into movie theater?

Yes! Actually, bottled water is the only beverage a guest can bring into a movie theater without ever being hassled over. Sometimes guests use water bottles to bring in other types of drinks (e.g. Gatorade, juice, flavored water , etc.)

Can you bring food into Event Cinemas?

As part of the terms of entry at our cinemas , external food is not permitted. Staff reserve the right to refuse entry if customers are non-compliant with the terms of entry.

Can I use a Village Cinemas gift card at Event Cinemas?

– Only valid for use at Event Cinemas , BCC, GU Film House and Greater Union . – Movie Gift Cards are not available for use at Village Cinemas . – If your purchase is more than the current credit amount available on your gift card , you can make up the full amount with another type of tender accepted in our cinemas .

Is food included in PVR gold class tickets?

Food is included in the ticket price or food cost

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Is GV Gold class worth it?

Golden Village Gold Class Experience: So Much More Than Bigger Seats & Blankets. Promising an immersive and exclusive movie experience, GV’s Gold Class is well- worth the money and truly a #treatyoself.

What’s the difference between Vmax and Gold Class?

VMAX has bigger screens, but also more people so higher chance of annoying idiots talking, checking their phones, etc. Gold has better seats with more space between them, fewer people and those who are willing to pay for the experience tend to be more respectful of others.

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