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How much does Woolworths pay per hour Nightfill?

The typical Woolworths Group Nightfill salary is $24. Nightfill salaries at Woolworths Group can range from $22 – $30.

How much does Nightfill at Coles pay?

The typical Coles Night Fill salary is $23. Night Fill salaries at Coles can range from $17 – $28.

What hours do Woolworths night fill work?

Night fill standard times are 9 till 6am in the morning it alsoe really depends on how much load there is there cdould be like 2 or 8 people working at one time and you dont have to deal with customers I hope this helps.

How do I apply for a job at Woolworths?

How to apply for a job Search for a suitable job using the search tool. On the job description of the position you wish to apply for click on the link for the job . Once you have clicked on the link you will be asked to log in if you haven’t already logged in.

How much does Woolworths pay hourly?

Woolworths pays its employees an average of AU$21.19 an hour . Hourly pay at Woolworths ranges from an average of AU$15.85 to AU$26.12 an hour .

How long are shifts at Woolworths?

around 5 hours

What hours do Coles night fill work?

3 answers. 8.00 pm – 12.00 am Few nights week.

How long is a shift at Coles?

The minimum shift is 3 hours and a ‘normal’ full day shift is 8 hours (not including an unpaid 1 hour lunch), but may be as long 9 or 10 hours. Casuals are more likely to be doing shorter shifts , but you can get full shifts if you’re lucky.

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What should I wear to a Coles interview?

6 answers. Black pants and white shirt and black shoes.

How much money do you earn at Woolworths?

Woolworths Group Salaries

Job Title Salary
Team Member salaries – 114 salaries reported A$22/hr
Cashier salaries – 77 salaries reported A$22/hr
Customer Service Representative salaries – 48 salaries reported A$22/hr
Customer Service salaries – 41 salaries reported A$22/hr

How much do Coles employees get paid?

The average Coles salary ranges from approximately $37,611 per year for Cleaner to $72,148 per year for Retail Sales Assistant. Average Coles hourly pay ranges from approximately $20.00 per hour for Service Assistant to $29.59 per hour for Retail Assistant Manager.

What questions do they ask in a Woolworths interview?

Woolworths Interview Questions and Answers Tell us about yourself? What can you tell us about Woolworths ? Why do you want to work at Woolworths ? Why should we hire you? What is your greatest weakness? What is your greatest strength? What hours can you work? Why did you leave your last job?

How much do Woolworths cashiers get paid?

Woolworths Group Cashier Hourly Pay The typical Woolworths Group Cashier salary is $22. Cashier salaries at Woolworths Group can range from $12 – $29.

How much does Mr Price staff earn?

Hourly pay at Mr Price Group ranges from an average of R18. 05 to R116 an hour. Mr Price Group employees with the job title Retail Store Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of R71.

Can I work at Coles and Woolworths?

At Coles , there was a “conflict of interest” policy, so you can ‘t go and work for a competitor – IE Woolworths , Supabarn, IGA. You can most certainly work for other businesses owned by the competitor though. A colleague worked at Big W during the week, and Coles on the weekend. Another worked at Dan Murphy’s.

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