How far is bermagui from sydney

How far is bermagui from Melbourne?

479 km

How far is bermagui from Canberra?

153 km

What is bermagui famous for?

Bermagui is famous for its deep sea and game fishing, including yellow fin tuna and marlin, and estuary fishing in the surrounding rivers and lakes. Take a charter, hire a boat or launch your own, find the perfect shoreside spot and throw in a line.

How far is bermagui from Batemans Bay?

81 km

Is Eden NSW a nice place to live?

“A friendly small town” Eden is a very beautiful town that is located on the Sapphire Coast of Sydney. It is a five hours drive south of Sydney. This beautiful, quiet and tranquil town is located in between Sydney and Melbourne. I would highly recommend Eden as a place for retirement or those wanting a sea change.

What does bermagui mean?

Bermagui is a town on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia in the Bega Valley Shire. The name is derived from the Dyirringanj word, permageua, possibly meaning ‘canoe with paddles’.

How do I get from Canberra to Batemans Bay?

The best way to get from Canberra to Batemans Bay ( bay ) without a car is to bus which takes 2h 40m and costs $30 – $35. How long does it take to get from Canberra to Batemans Bay ( bay )? The bus from Jolimont Centre to Promenade Plaza, Orient St takes 2h 40m including transfers and departs twice daily.

How far is it from Canberra to Merimbula?

192 km

How far is bermagui from Moruya?

58 km

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Is Bermagui being evacuated?

Tathra, Bermagui , Batemans Bay and Broulee surf life saving clubs have all been declared evacuation centres for people seeking refuge from the bushfires. According to Surf Life Saving NSW, about 5000 people are being sheltered at Bermagui Surf Life Saving Club. About 1500 of these people are locals.

How far is the continental shelf off Batemans Bay?

Examination of Figure 2 shows the seabed in the vicinity of the Batemans Bay wave buoy has a consistent profile perpendicular to the coastline, with a slope of approximately 1:100 to a water depth of 100 m, a broad and gently sloping continental shelf to approximately 25 to 30 km offshore to a water depth of 200 m, and

How far is bermagui from Narooma?

24 km

How far is Jervis Bay from Batemans Bay?

87 km

How far is Eden from Merimbula?

20 km

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