Sydney to tasmania ferry time

How long does it take to get from Sydney to Tasmania?

1 hour, 43 minutes

How long does it take to get to Tasmania on the ferry?

approximately 9-11 hours

Is there a ferry from Sydney to Tasmania?

Over the years, two attempts have been made to operate a car and passenger ferry service between Sydney and Tasmania , but with limited success. It could carry 250 passengers, 51 cars and 33 semi trailers (or 91 cars and 16 trucks) and travelled at an average speed of 17.5 knots.

How long is the ferry from Australia to Tasmania?

By Ferry . The Spirit of Tasmania departs from Port Melbourne and arrives at the Esplanade in East Devonport, on the north side of the island, after nine to 11 hours.

How much does ferry to Tasmania cost?

Passenger fares from $89 per person each based on day sailings in low demand season and subject to availability. A $10 booking fee applies per person each way to non-internet bookings. Card payment fees may apply.

How many days do you need in Tasmania?

As a guide line, allow at least three days for each region you want to explore, remembering that it only takes an hour or two to drive through a region if you just wanted to enjoy, say, Hobart, the Tasman Peninsula and the wild West Coast in a week.

What is the best month to go to Tasmania?

The best time to visit Tasmania is not clear cut. In summer ( Dec – Feb ), the average maximum temp is around 21°C. Autumn is a guessing game but still gorgeous, and winter brings snow and sunshine from Jun-Aug, with white topped mountains as late as Oct. Hiking, biking and cross country skiing are all superb at this time.

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Is food included on Spirit of Tasmania?

Enjoy a meal on board Spirit of Tasmania or relax in one of the bars. Choose from two dining styles; a la carte or buffet. Snacks are also available at the bars and gift shop.

How much is a cabin on the Spirit of Tasmania?

Accommodation for passengers (without vehicles) on night sailings ranges from recliners in the lounge ($96) to a four-bed inside cabin (from $96 a person plus $132 a cabin ), four-bed porthole cabin (from $96 a person plus $180 a cabin ), twin-bed porthole cabin (from $96 a person plus $180 a cabin ) and queen-bed deluxe

Is Tasmania dangerous?

Tasmania is a relatively safe place, but you should still take reasonable precautions.

Why is Spirit of Tasmania so expensive?

THE cost of travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania has been branded “far too expensive ” following tourism industry concerns about rebates for passenger fares. A Spirit of Tasmanian spokeswoman said prices fluctuate depending on availability and demand, with many sailings over Christmas and the New Year fully booked.

How long is the boat ride from Melbourne to Tasmania?

around 9 hours 30 minutes

What is Tasmania best known for?

Tasmania is widely known for having the cleanest air in the world, and the best scenery and the richest history compared to other states in Australia.

How much does it cost to go to Tasmania?

A vacation to Tasmania for one week usually costs around AU$1,055 for one person. So, a trip to Tasmania for two people costs around AU$2,110 for one week.

Can you stay in your car on the Spirit of Tasmania?

Boarding and disembarking All passengers travelling with a vehicle remain in the vehicle for boarding via the vehicle deck. Passengers drive their own cars on board the ship directed by crew. Once the vehicle is parked, place in park/gear and engage the park brake.

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