Supermarkets open good friday sydney

Is Coles opened on Good Friday?

Good Friday is national public holiday which means restricted trading hours apply. Coles supermarkets will trade from 11am-5pm on Good Friday in NSW, ACT and NT, but will be closed in all other states. Similarly, Woolworths stores in NSW and ACT will only trade from 11am-5pm, with the doors closed in the other states.

Is IGA closed on Good Friday?

IGA will be closed on Good Friday , but will open again on Saturday and on Easter Sunday in some locations. All stores will be open limited hours on Labor Day, many from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Are grocery stores open Easter Friday?

Most Coles and Woolworths will be open , with the exception of a few stores . Coles supermarkets in NSW and the ACT will trade from 9am to 6pm , whereas those in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory will open between 7am and 10pm .

Is Sainsbury’s open on Good Friday 2020?

Larger Sainsbury’s supermarkets will be open as usual on Good Friday , staying open from 8am to 8pm. Sainsbury’s Local stores will be open 7am to 10pm.

Is Woolworths open Good Friday 2020?

All Aldi stores will remain closed , and most major Coles and Woolworths stores won’t be open on Good Friday . Woolworths will have some stores open , however many of these are smaller stores connected to Caltex petrol stations.

Is Aldi open Good Friday 2019?

What are Aldi’s opening hours on Good Friday ? The chain has published official Easter weekend opening times on its website – with stores opening at 8am on Good Friday and closing at 8pm. You can check the opening hours of your local at the website’s store finder page.

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What days over Easter are the shops closed?

Good Friday (April 19) and Easter Monday (April 22) are public holidays in all states and territories, but generally, only Friday and Sunday are restricted trading days. WHAT IS OPEN? Many shops will be open as normal on Saturday and Monday, but it varies by state.

Do IGA sell cigarettes?

Coles, IGA and Foodworks stores are selling cut-price premium brand cigarettes for as low as $20 a packet that are imported from Ukraine, in a move that has been described by anti-smoking advocates as “reprehensible”.

Is everything closed on Good Friday in Australia?

Public Life On Good Friday schools, post offices and many other organizations are closed . Stores and other retail outlets are closed . Some small or specialty stores may be open , according to local policy. There were traditionally tight restrictions on alcohol sale on Good Friday .

Are supermarkets open on Easter Sunday 2020?

Major supermarkets will be open during the Easter bank holiday weekend , but may operate at different hours . Supermarkets will still be open on Easter Monday to allow shoppers to buy any essentials.

Is Aldi open Easter Sunday 2020?

Aldi Easter Opening Hours 2020 Easter Sunday : Aldi is closed on Easter Sunday . Easter Monday : Stores are open from 8am-8pm.

Is Aldi open on Easter Monday 2020?

On Easter Monday all stores will again be open between 8am and 8pm. It’s worth noting Aldi stores will also be open between 7.30am and 8am for vulnerable and elderly customers on Good Friday, Saturday 11 and Easter Monday , and between 8.30am and 9am in Scotland on Easter Sunday.

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Is Tesco open Good Friday 2020?

Tesco superstores, Extra branches and Metro stores will be open during the following hours: Good Friday : 8am to 8pm.

Is Tesco open Easter Sunday 2020?

Easter Sunday 12 April – All stores in England and Wales will be closed. All stores in Scotland will open as normal. Easter Monday 13 April – Most Tesco stores will open from between 8am to 6pm.

Is Argos open Good Friday 2020?

Good Friday : 8am to 8pm. Easter Sunday : Closed.

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